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  Today , we are prepared to forge ahead , hard work and pragmatic . Tomorrow, we are more brilliant , profound knowledge , our tomorrow will be better information , more dedication to customers to create a safe, secure and beautiful homes.

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The latest super super super locks
The lock hook with three square corners Speedmaster Diamond-level lock, bold architecture, really play all-round worry-free. Side hook patent safer and more tamper with tamper, anti-sawing, anti-pull and other more powerful than the general anti-theft lock tamper performance.
Super thick gantry double hook groove design theft
New anti-theft door frame double hook recess, sturdy generous to ensure that the door during use can be more secure, no noise when the door switch.
Anti-lock cylinder super gene Return of the King
Return of the King super anti-gene cylinder, with the king thinking, pioneering spirit, adhere to the other they feel abandoned old from the new. Has a strong genetic data key size, DNA gene six-helix structure, automatic keys in all ages.
Deluxe 23cm copper plate bearing the entire large hinge
Unique hinge design also, oversized hexagonal screws, equipped with luxurious oversized super 23mm copper plate bearing the entire large hinges, special bronze doors, more rugged appearance, making the door never sag.
Stainless steel printing downside
Access to safe, double happiness printed word, and every day out of the door when deja send blessings, so that the owner happy every day, stainless steel downside, no rust.
The new luxury cover edge design
Super buckle side cover edge design, a unique multi-Tamper buckle side door design with superior tamper function.

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